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For all those whom have eyes to see and ears to hear, we are living in the end times NOW- let’s work together and bring about world peace, or we face WW III and world destruction. 
The Signs are here- a false sense of peace,  world wide DEPRESSION, on the verge of a nuclear Holocaust in the Middle East, and possible use of biological weapons. New York, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem have stockpiles of Small Pox which has been eliminated from the world. Most people have no immunity to it. Thousands would be killed if it got out. There are many more like it. The mark of the Beast has arrived:
The European Common Market has 10 countries(10 heads of the dragon) considered permanent. The others are NOT. The European Common Market has talked about such a device for years to eliminate currency-IT IS HERE.
China and Russia(Gog and Magoog) are on largest military maneuvers on the border of Russia. The Chinese are the only ones on earth that can single handedly raise an army the size described in the Bible.
If a nuclear war breaks out in the Middle East, the super powers will take sides and WW III begins.
The prophecies of St. Malachi have ACCURATELY predicted every Pope up to the present and one MORE whom will usher in the Antichrist. According to St. Malachi, around this time the Catholic Papacy will fall(big schism already exists): 
According to the Bible, Israel strays from God. God punishes the city on the hill(that’s Israel) for her indiscretions-this can only be the Palestinian situation. Nation upon nation will rise up againster her-sound familiar-even the US is changing direction. She will be brought to her knees. God intervenes and Israel sees the errors of her ways- a NEW Jerusalem arise, perhaps shared instead of divided. 
What are some Biblical signs to look for-the biggest one is when the Israelies rebuild the Wailing Wall which is situated on the Muslim Dome of the Rock in Arab East Jerusalem?The Israelies have begun clearing the area and bringing in materials. Possibly, they will demolish the Dome of the Rock. This would not only be an abomination to Muslims, but also to God. Around this time, Damascus, Syria will be left in ruble. We must pray Israel does not do this. They must also make peace with the Palestinians and Arabs and Jews must come together and recognize each other’s right to exist. Israel for the Jews and the West Bank and Gaza for the Arabs with Jerusalem shared instead of divided. Arabs and Jews are not only, Biblically related, but also share up to 40 % of the same genetic material, ironically highest among Middle Eastern Israelie Jews and Palestinian Arabs. No where in the Bible does it state Israel is to murder Arabs for their land(the West Bank and Gaza strips-prior to 1922(Arab armies overthrew the Ottoman Occupiers), Arabs an Jews lived peacefully together. Let us all come together for WORLD PEACE, not just in the Middle East-otherwise we will ALL pay dearly for it. 

About the Author:  Clyde Nassif is an international lecturer and Holistic Consultant with a client base in Houston, TX. He is a noted author of many blogs on health and personal issues across the Internet. He does both training on personal (in-home appointments only) as well as group sessions. Submit any questions you may have or to schedule a session(two week notice needed) to : 



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