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Q:  Is my college Professor hitting on me-he is in his 50s and I am  a 20 year old female. I seem to be his favorite for answering questions. He compliments me  on my looks. I am a nursing student part time. At the end of the labs, I sometimes linger to finish up. Twice now, he has massaged my neck, but I pulled away. The last time, he said he could help me get even better grades, if he could tutor me. He said his home was not to far away and we could work there. He also said he needed an assistant and could get me the position as a work-study where I could get money working 15-25 hours per week. – Audrey Helms – Spring, TX

A:  Yes. He crossed the line when he touched you in an unprofessional manner and his comments should be restricted to institutional instruction and guidance, not involving  personal home use and involvement. Most institutions of higher learning have rules and regulations against student-teacher relationships. You need to make the institution administrator and staff aware of the situation and/or drop that class and take it  from another instructor. When ever you are touched in an inappropriate manner, instruct that person in a loud and clear manner regardless of whom is around, to STOP. Such persons actually often use crowds to do so because of the embarrassment the receiver may feel if a “scene is made”-YOU have done NOTHING to be embarrassed about. It is the person initiating the offending behavior that should be embarrassed. What you decide to do when you are NOT his student is up to you. 

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