ADVICE COLUMN – Can my EX boyfriend, and, I, remain friends?




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Q. My ex boyfriend wishes to remain friends with me-he calls me every day and often waits for me after work. Can he and I be just friends? – Brenda Lynn – Houston, TX

A. Short answer, NO. The bottom line is, in male-female relationships there is always an underlieing sexual tension there.No, it is not usually love, but a pure physical attraction. Speaking from my own experience, all the women friends I have no romantic relationship with, I would love to bed them, but reality sets in- some are married,others, look good, but I don’t like their personalities, just their bodies, some are too young,we have no social, just, work contact,and so on. Those whom I have dated and then we went are separate ways, we do just that . If we meet, we are cordial. Some we did maintain booty call for a while, but that fizzles out, especially when one, or, both parties find some one else. You should break off all contact with him change your phone numbers, change you habits that you and he used to do together(i.e.- eat pizza at a favorite pizza spot), avoid common friends where possible, even move if necessary. Keeping contact gives the impression the two of you can get back together. Unless this is what you desire, it is best to make a CLEAN cut and start anew.

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