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Q:  What are signs of an of an abusive relationship-I am female and my boyfriend has become mentally and physically abusive? We have been together two years now.-Cheri H. – Houston, TX 
A:  First,  it is time to consider forgetting,(REPEAT FORGETTING) this type of relationship for safety reasons.What are the signs-he cuts you off from friends and family, tells you how to eat, drink, act, and dress, questions you about your every movement, phone call, and whom you have been seeing, snoops through your belongings, especially intimate garments looking for clues to use against you, becomes verbally and physically abusive if he does NOT like your answer(escalates with time),constantly degrades your self worth, blames his violent acts on YOU(you are not the cause of his actions-HE IS). He flies into blind rages ANY time you talk to a male, accusing you of flirting, and/or sleeping with him even though you have a legitimate reason for talking to this male. He accuses you of coming on to his male friends. He tales you without you knowing it, he checks up on you. Any time something does NOT go his way, YOU are his mental and physical punching bag. He lays a hand on you for a second and third time or more, and constantly says it won’t happen again. If you don’t give him intimacy, HE TAKES IT-SPOUSAL RAPE.Says he will kill himself(even YOU) if you leave him. If you leave get a room mate, gun, guard dog or all of these-most often restraining orders are useless. TAKE AND LEARN SELF DEFENSE MOVES. If you leave him, and, he persuade you to meet him, meet in a busy Public place, let family know where and WHY you are going there-AND TAKE AT LEAST TWO OTHER SRONG PEOPLE WITH YOU, LETTING THEM KNOW WHAT THEY ARE IN FOR IN ADVANCE.
Do not blame your self for his actions. You may pay for it with your life. The minute ANY man becomes abusive, it almost never ends up nice-it is time to leave. If any woman has not developed useable work skills, it is a very good idea to do so, even in good relationships as even good ones sometimes come to an end.
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