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Q:  Did the Biblical Exodus really occur?- Sharon Imes – Spring, TX

A:   Yes, the Exodus, depending on sources, occurred either in 1470 B.C. or 1446 B.C.. Most believe it occurred under Egypt’s first female ruler, Queen Hatshepsut(another story in itself) and making 1470 B.C. the most likely date, described by early modern scholars as only having served as a co-regent from about 1479 to 1458 B.C., during years seven to twenty-one of the reign previously identified as that of Thutmose III.It  is now thought the Jews were NOT slaves, but harshly treated, paid workers. The Exodus was NOT a small group. Conservatively, it is estimated there were 600,000 people, liberally, 800,000-the Arab Semitic White Egyptians and Black Nubians living among them, liberally, were estimated at 200,000. It is unlikey they enslaved  a Jewish population 3-4 times there size. Many authorities now believe the Egyptians, because of God’s plagues sent upon them, were glad to be rid of the Jews, providing them food, water, other necessities, even an escort out of Egypt. Since this was not considered an important event to the Egyptians, they did not document it.God then closed the Red Sea upon the Egyptians. The Red Sea has receded some what since those times. Solomon’s pillars with the story of Moses’ Exodus on them have been discovered along with the Egyptian Chariots and location, exactly as described in the Bible, have been discovered at the bottom of the Red Sea-see the following links: 
Some experts claim the expulsion from Egypt, of the Hyksos, apparently a mixed group of peoples of  primarily Semitic(though not necessarily,but possibly, Arab and/or Jewish) White and Asiatics with a smaller admixture of Indo European Aryan White-mostly Iranians/Persians, some Turkish, Roman, and Greek, and some Black(Nubian mainly, some Nilotics) coincides with the events of the Exodus and is described by the Egyptians, though the dates may be off by at least 50-100 years.It should be pointed out that though the Hyksos are mainly Semitic, MOST experts do NOT consoder them to be the Israelites of the Exodus, although they may have joined the Exodus.
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