ADVICE COLUMN – Ladies, erotic moves to turn on your boyfriend?






Clyde’s Corner


Q:  Lately , things between my boyfriend and I, have cooled down in the bedroom. What can I do to spark the fire again? – Jasmine Sanchez, Las Vegas, Nevada


A:  When this happens, it usually one of two things- lovemaking has become boring and routine, or, he is fooling around. My guess is the first. Do things to get him in the mood-fix his favorite meal, treat him special. change areas and times where love making goes on. Also note when his energy levels seem to be up. Variety is the spice of life. Avoid attempting anything that makes YOU feel uncomfortable – often  makes for awkward situations. A slow strip tease, turns most men’s fantasies. Move in close. Stroke his neck, run your hands gently through his hair, flick your tongue in, and, blow in his ear. Lick and/or kiss his chest and tummy, gently caressing him down below, allow him access to your bare breast and tummy while doing this, nibble on his neck(no, not hickies), must of all tell him what feels good-what turns him on, is turning YOU on. Of course, good hygiene goes along with this – very often overlooked. Most men love the smell of lightly scented, freshly shampooed hair.  An erotic massage starting in  areas NOT often thought of as erotic –  the shoulders and neck muscles – helps to relax him. If none of these do the trick, perhaps a medical condition exists. Have him pay a visit to the doctor. This may even do the trick. We males love pampering. 

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