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Q: How do I build strenth? – Brian Bates, Austin, Texas





A: Start out slowly with weights you can easily handle for at least three sets of 10 reps. Build up the weight used, gradually, then, start doing sets of which yoou can only do five reps. At this point, test your maximum load. Get your breathing,and, weight lifting techniques down – breath in when relaxed, out when tensed. Do NOT hold your breath. You may pass out – this is known as the Valsalva Maneuver. Two concepts which have apparently fallen to the wayside – forced reps – a spotting partner gives you about 5%, or, less help when stuck at a certain point, and, burnouts, a spotting partner does about 95% of the lift so that you can barely move it – when the weight gets heavier, you may need two spotters. These two methods help to exercise the larger muscles after the weaker ones give out. Give your self some recuperation time in between work outs. Perhaps, some running, or, bycycling to build up stamina. With enough practice, you will be able to determine how often you can do a particular exercise. Use free weights as much as possible to keep the limbs on equal strength – machine weights are balanced so if you have one limb weaker than the other, it will always be so – often the amount you can do on a machine, is less than what you can do in free weights,even if the weights are the same, so, don’t go by settings alone. An advantage of machine weights is you can hit angles not possible with free weights. so, a mix of free weights, and, machine weights is best.

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